Peace of Mind (DE)
  • Hardcore

  • 20.-

  • 19:30 - 00:00

  • Club


  • Support: Keep Talking + Lifecrusher

Peace of Mind (DE)

Peace Of Mind (DE)

Peace Of Mind, That’s David, Patrick, Bulma and Louis from the depths of the Thuringian Forest. It all happened 2015, as we decided to combine our different tastes in music to form something unique, so we found ourselves in a genre called „Hardcore“. 2015 we began to experiment with our different ways to express our music and recorded our first „s/t“ EP. With the same setup and some gained experience, we recorded our 2nd EP called „Gaze Into An Abyss“ 2016 and released it via PowerTripRecords, just like the first one. 2017 we forged the plan to record our first LP, and so we did at the end of it. Our First LP called „Penance“ will finally see the light of the day. 2018.

Keep Talking

Keep Talking, annoying you since day one!


Beinharte Riffs, groovige Two-Steps und fiese Breakdowns: Lifecrusher aus dem Herzen der Schweiz spucken dem Hörer ihren thrashigen Hardcore mitten in die Visage. Für Fans von: Trapped Under Ice, Judiciary, Downpresser